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wireapplication Download wire application by using the following wire links for any mobile device, either to your mobile phone, your tablet or even your personal computer, PC and Mac. Wire Messenger is available for Android, iOS and Desktop.

The development team backing Wire messaging app, supported by Jan us Friis, co-founder of Skype, has supported end-to-end encryption for its video, voice and text communications while ramping up its privacy-first approach to technology.

Let’s download it for your current device:

Wire Mobile Version

wire for Android

wire for iPhone iOS

wire for Windows Phone

wire for BlackBerry

wire for Nokia

wire for Amazon smartphone

wire for Firefox OS

Wire Desktop Version

wire for Windows

wire for MAC

wire for Linux

Wire Tablet Version

wire for Android tablet

wire for iPad

wire for Windows Phone tablet

wire for BlackBerry tablet

wire for Amazon tablet

wire for Firefox OS tablet

Wire Bada Version

wire for Bada phones

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