Wire Messenger has No Backdoor

Wire Messenger has No Backdoor

While you are sending any text or any kind of content with your WIRE application, it will be encrypted at the transmitters’ site and will only be decrypted at the receivers end to maintain the privacy of the content being transferred.

Wire app doesn’t contain any decryption key and their software has no backdoor. The user’s data will remain intact and the wire app has no access to it.

Voice calls feature uses WebRTC standard. In order to negotiate and authenticate the key, DTLS system is used. For encrypted the media content SRTP is used. This means voice calls are also end-to-end encrypted so your call privacy is secured without making compromises in the HD Calling quality.

Wire app gets funding from a well-known group called Iconical. This app has been successfully downloaded by almost 1 million active users.

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